Trainee Presentation

Two sessions at the BSHNI Annual Meeting  will be devoted to short presentations delivered by Radiologists and Clinicians with an interest in Head and Neck Imaging. Initially conceived as an opportunity for trainees to present at a national forum, these sessions are now open to all, according to the guidance below.

Presentations should be interesting and educational. They may take the form of a case report to include clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, pathology and management aspects, as well as imaging itself. Audit and research project presentations are also encouraged. Posters presented at the BSHNI Head and Neck Imaging Refresher Course may be resubmitted for oral presentation at the Annual Meeting.

There will be cash prizes for the best and runner-up presentations, as judged by BSHNI Committee Members.

Each presentation should last no more than 6 minutes with 2 further minutes for discussion.

An abstract of the proposed presentation should be submitted as soon as possible. This should be no greater than 250 words in length and summarise all pertinent features. Successful submissions will be notified to the presenter by mid May 2017 in order to allow time to process study leave applications.

First  Prize:£ 500      Second Prize: £250

Poster  Presentation

BSHNI poster presentation is part of the BSHNI Refresher course and is open to all medical professionals including non Radiologists. Abstracts based on any topic relating to neck imaging of no more than 250 words (excluding title, authors and references) are welcome. The best abstracts will be selected for poster presentation at the BSHNI Refresher Course

First  Prize:£ 250    Two Second Prizes: £50