The British Society of Head & Neck Imaging (BSHNI) supports the study and advancement of Head and Neck Imaging. This is achieved through the Annual Meeting of the Society, through fostering professional relationships amongst Radiologists and Clinicians and through the engagement with the public and other bodies involved in the provision of care to patients requiring imaging and treatment of conditions affecting the Head & Neck.

The BSHNI (sometimes in its role as a Royal College of Radiologists special interest group) may be asked to review or ratify guidelines and standards produced by other organisations. This is important work that is usually undertaken by committee members. If BSHNI members would like to participate in the review of guidelines, please contact the secretary

Aims of BSHNI

Advancement of Head and Neck imaging by:

  • Holding regular educational meetings
    – as part of continuing education for Consultants in post
    – a forum for discussion of clinical and radiological problems and techniques
    – as part of specialist registrar training
  • Acting as an advisory body
    As radiology services and training evolves, The Royal College of Radiologists, British Institute of Radiology and other bodies (including European organisations) require information and advice from informed representative bodies in all sub specialty areas. BSHNI is likely to contribute significantly in this area.
  • Second opinion service
    The society would hold a list of names of individuals (with areas of special interest) willing to review images and venture an opinion on difficult cases

Guidelines reviewed 2013-14:

  • BTA / RCP Thyroid Cancer Guidelines
  • NICE Quality Standards on Head Injury.
  • NICE Clinical Practice Guidelines on Upper Airways Tract Cancers, draft scope
  • NICE Quality Standards on Uveal Melanoma.
  • RCR Recommendations for cross-sectional imaging in cancer management