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Doug Leier: Fish stocking an archive success. PLOTS guides and duck stamps

Doug Leier: Fish stocking an archive success. PLOTS guides and duck stamps

I was raised listening to Casey Kasem’s Weekly Top 40 music countdown. It had been a different period in which musical success wasn’t calculated by downloads and presses. Even to the I can’t say I really understood how his Top 40 was compiled, but I was hip to the long-distance dedications day.

Audience (perhaps thousands?) would compose the show and Kasem would read one on air in addition to commitment had been provided. It was seemingly some sort of science based on geography and popularity how he picked the song and when to play. He knew what type would draw within the audience.

Difficult to think i will connect seafood stocking within the state up to a music that is popular show from three years ago, but make use of me personally. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department receives numerous demands for seafood stocking on specific waters and species that are preferred. While division fisheries workers would like to make everybody pleased , there are a variety of administration concerns that have to be addressed before merely fish that is stocking or here.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department shares lakes across the state with walleye fingerlings to enhance populations associated with game fish that is popular.


Nevertheless, this 12 months a seafood stocking record in North Dakota had been broken as division fisheries workers stocked an archive 180 lakes throughout the landscape with 12 million walleye fingerlings.

Jerry Weigel, division f isheries production and development manager , stated the true amount of lakes bested the previous high by almost 30 waters.

” There is record water across their state, so timing of the near-record walleye manufacturing could not need come at a far better time,” he stated. “Valley City and Garrison Dam nationwide seafood hatcheries contributed to create this take place. Both hatcheries were outstanding in assisting target our interest in walleye fingerlings.”

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