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Energy Efficient Loans from First U.S.

Energy Efficient Loans from First U.S.

Making an improvement by helping keep power affordable

Enhancing your home’s energy efficiency will save you cash on your bills for decades in the future. Upgrades, like setting up brand brand new windows, sealing leaky ducts or upgrading to a simple yet effective heating and coolant system, makes an impact in your home’s power consumption as well as your general convenience.

REEL is a scheduled system manufactured by hawaii of Ca to simply help residents fund power improvements. In case the house and task meet with the skills below, a Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) from First U.S. may be the right complement your requirements.

Note: REEL funding will not protect projects that are solar.


  • 70% associated with loan needs to be entitled to Energy savings Measures (EEEMs) approved by hawaii of Ca, such as for instance cooling and heating, insulation, atmosphere sealing, lighting or pane that is dual. Some measures should be set up as well as other measures. See exactly exactly what’s eligible
  • The rest of the 30% regarding the loan can fund other house improvements, such as for example gardening, artwork, water effectiveness, or electric power cost savings measures should your electricity provider just isn’t given just below.   Read more