BSHNI Trainee Representative Election

Job Description

Acts as a link between trainees with an interest in Head & Neck imaging and the BSHNI and relays any issues or views from trainees to BSHNI Committee and vice versa. In general serves to promote the challenging and expanding area of Head & Neck imaging to trainees. The trainee representative is elected at the AGM and the term of office is two years.

Duties include:

  1. Attendance at the BSHNI AGM held as part of the Annual Meeting in London, July.
  2. Update and maintenance of the BSHNI Trainee Database which contains details of those trainees interested in Head & Neck imaging. Ideally they should update the database soon after the start of the post to obtain the new ’cohort’ of trainees. This can be achieved by using the RCR to disseminate/obtain information, get information from Training programme directors and asking at the BSHNI Meeting in July. The trainee rep is also required to contact those on the database who appear to be nearing or have passed their CCT to see if they can be removed from the database.
  3. Maintaining links with ENT/Maxillo Facial/Dental Surgical trainees so they can be included on the database and relevant information can be distributed to them.
  4. Keeping trainees informed of upcoming meetings, courses and any relevant educational material such as journal articles and online resources.
  5. Liaise closely with the BSHNI Training Advisor.

Criteria for the appointment of the trainee rep:
1.Must have an interest in head and neck imaging.

2.Must have completed the FRCR or be in their 3rd year having completed all 2a modules with an intention to sit the FRCR at the next available sitting.

3. Must have at least 12 months till CCT from the date of appointment.

4. If post FRCR, then must be a paid up member of BSHNI.

5. Must have registered and be attending the BSHNI annual meeting when the vote is being held.

6. Must have a proposer and a seconder (who should be either BSHNI members or members on the trainee database).

7. Should ideally have attended previous BSHNI meetings or allied courses / conferences in order to demonstrate a track record of head and neck imaging interest.

Please send a personal statement  (which should be no more than 250 words long ) along with a recent photo explaining why you wish to take on this role and how you would contribute to BSHNI to This will be uploaded on to the BSHNI website after the closing date.

The trainee representative  will be elected by the members present at the AGM to be held on 4 July 2019.

Closing date: 28th June 2019