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Head and Neck Imaging Refresher Course 2024



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The following past Webinars have been broadcast :

We are in the process of trying to recover access to these recordings… (20:57 29/02/2024)


Ultrasound of the Neck: Upping the Ante

Head & Neck Cancer: Post Treatment Imaging

Head & Neck Cancer: State of the Art Diagnosis & Staging

Cranial Nerve Imaging – V & VII

Salivary Gland Imaging

Image Guided Interventions in the Head & Neck

Paediatric Neck Masses

Multimodality Parathyroid Imaging

Thyroid Cancer in 2020

Misses & Mimics in Head & Neck Imaging

Skull base anatomy & clinically relevant variants

Imaging Hypopharyngeal and Laryngeal Cancers- Clinically relevant anatomy

Imaging of the eye & orbits

Suprahyoid neck: Pathology through Anatomy

Droopy eye lids / Double Vision