Previous Officers

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BSHNI Previous Officers

1998 – 2000: Chairman: Peter Phelps, London / Coventry. Vice-Chairman: Philip Anslow, Oxford. Secretary: Julian Kabala, Bristol

2000 – 2002: Chairman: Philip Anslow, Oxford. Vice-Chairman: Lloyd Savy, London. Secretary: Julian Kabala, Bristol

2002 – 2004: Chairman: Lloyd Savy, London. Vice-Chairman: Rhodri Evans, Swansea. Secretary: Julian Kabala, Bristol

2004 – 2006: Chairman: Rhodri Evans, Swansea. Vice-Chairman: Julian Kabala, Bristol. Secretary: Timothy Beale, London

2006 – 2008: Chairman: Julian Kabala, Bristol. Vice-Chairman: David Salvage, Hull. Secretary: Timothy Beale, London. Treasurer: David Summers, Edinburgh

2008 – 2010: Chairman: David Salvage, Hull. Vice-Chairman: Timothy Beale, Consultant Radiologist, London. Secretary: Polly Richards, London. Treasurer: David Summers, Edinburgh. Trainee Rep: Salman Qureshi, Manchester (2009 to 2011)

2010 – 2012: Chairman: Timothy Beale, London. Vice Chairman: Polly Richards,

London. Secretary: Steve Connor, London. Treasurer: Jagrit Shah, Nottingham. Trainee Rep: Fiona Grieve (2011 to 2013)

2012 – 2014: Chairman: Polly Richards, London. Vice Chairman: Steve Connor, London. Secretary: Jagrit Shah, Nottingham. Treasurer: Elizabeth Loney, Bradford. Trainee Rep: Scott Rice, London (2013 to 2015)

2014-2016: Chairman: Steve Connor, London. Vice Chairman: Elizabeth Loney, Bradford. Secretary: Steve Colley, Birmingham. Treasurer: Daren Gibson / Elizabeth Loney. Training advisor: Kit Chow: Chesterfield. Trainee Rep: Gemma Price, Surrey (2015- 2017). IT Rep: Ram Vaidhyanath, Leicester (2015-16). Refresher Course Organiser: Salman Qureshi, Manchester (2015-17)

2016-2018: President: Elizabeth Loney, Bradford. Vice President: Jagrit Shah, Nottingham. Secretary: Salman Qureshi, Manchester. Treasurer: Ravi Lingam, London. Training Advisor: Gitta Madani, London. Trainee Rep: Phil Touska (2017-2019), London. IT Rep: Ram Vaidhyanath, Leicester. Refresher Course Organiser: Andrew McQueen (2017- 2019), Newcastle

2018-2021: President: Jagrit Shah, Nottingham. Vice President: David Summers, Edinburgh Secretary: Ravi Lingam, London. Treasurer: Gitta Madani, London. Training Advisor: Ram Vaidhyanath, Leicester. Trainee Rep: Ayesha Khatib, Cardiff. IT Rep: Ata Siddiqui, London. Refresher Course Organiser: Nal Panditaratne, (2019- 2022), Wakefield