RCR-BSHNI Travelling Professorship Application

Applications will open in August 2024

Current Travelling Professor

Dr Elizabeth Loney


The RCR-BSHNI Travelling Professorship was founded in 2018 by both organisations. It is open to any full member of the BSHNI in good standing as per the constitution of the society (in addition to being an RCR member)


The purpose of this award is to facilitate distinguished Consultant Head & Neck Radiologists from the UK to visit UK radiology training schemes and share their knowledge and passion for the speciality with others.  There is no salary or financial award attached to the post.  The award covers travel, accommodation and subsistence costs to facilitate 4 – 5 half day visits up to a maximum of £5,000. This can be claimed in line with the RCR travel and expenses policy.

Conditions of award

The Travelling Professorship will be awarded to a single individual for a 2-year tenure. Award holders are given the title ‘The RCR-BSHNI Travelling Professor’ and should be referred to as such in all publicity.

All awards are made on the basis of single person visits, with no provision for partners or children, or additional travel. All insurance requirements are the responsibility of the travelling professor.  The Department / School to be visited would be expected to provide space for the visiting lectures- the RCR will be liaising with the appropriate training schemes. The BSHNI logo should be included in all publicity where possible

Application Process &
Selection Procedure

300-word statement and recent CV must be forwarded to the society. Decisions are made by a panel of three, comprising current members of BSHNI Council. If multiple applicants are shortlisted, then candidates will be invited for an online interview at a mutually convenient time. Depending on the standard of application, BSHNI reserves the right to defer the appointment to the following year. Domains that will be scored on are:

  • Commitment to Head & Neck Imaging
  • Commitment to the BSHNI
  • Head & Neck Imaging education
  • Head & Neck Imaging research


Award holders must complete a report totalling no more than 500 words and understandable to a lay audience within six months of the end of the tenure of the award.

This will be distributed to the membership. In addition, the outgoing travelling professor must present an overview of their tenure at the BSHNI annual meeting following the end of their award.

Criteria for award

  • Full BSHNI member, RCR and GMC member in good standing
  • Must be a Substantive Consultant Radiologist with FRCR (or equivalent) in a UK NHS Trust with a Head & Neck Imaging interest
  • Demonstrate a track record of presenting Head & Neck Imaging lectures at meetings / conferences particularly BSHNI / RCR events
  • Accept that these sessions will be recorded by the RCR and the material will be used by the RCR for subsequent CPD evaluation
  • Applicant may have either an education or research background or both
  • Successful applicant should continue to increase the profile of BSHNI nationally during their presentations around the country
  • Current members of the BSHNI Council are ineligible to apply

Expectations of the Travelling Professor

The purpose of the award is threefold:

  • To highlight the role of Head and Neck Radiology on a background of traditional and advanced imaging techniques
  • To promote Head and Neck Imaging as a career option either as a primary interest or as subspecialty interest in any NHS consultant appointment
  • To provide Head and Neck Radiology teaching at both trainee and consultant level at centres that might not have access to this sub speciality or the successful candidate’s specific sub-speciality focus